Sunday, July 23, 2006

Ko Yong Hi, Jong Chol - increased Google traffic.

There have been numerous Google searches today seeking information on Ko Yong Hi. I do not know who is initiating the searches or why, only that many searchers are finding this post of mine from February 2005.

It is unusual that I receive google traffic from anyone looking up Ko Yong Hi. Ko is a key figure in North Korean internal politics, as the natural mother of Kim Jong Il's second son, Jong-Chol. There have been succession rumors regarding the North Korean leadership for almost 2 years.

I could find no news about Ko today.

Do the Google searchers know something that the rest of us don't?


update -

It seems that I was wasting my time seeking information at MSM/DNC sites like CBS, MSNBC or BBC. The Captain has posted the answer to my question. Kim Jong Il has remarried, thus apparently sparking Google inquiries regarding his deceased wife.


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