Monday, July 17, 2006

Creating more conservatives

Leftists are fond of saying that whenever we fight back against the terrorists, we are "only creating more Osama's."

Maybe the same leftists should consider the effect of their own vitriol, non sequitors, personal attacks, election fraud, terror justifications and other assorted political tactics in this country. They end up only creating more conservatives.

Here is part of a sign-off post from a conservative frequent commenter/guest blogger at Blonde Sagacity who is leaving the country to fight with the military overseas and can no longer take part in our political/blog wars:
I came to this blog with an open mind, thinking I simply had a difference of opinion with liberals. I leave thinking you are all sheep or possibly communists, and having heard your ideas (or lack there of) in your own words, truly wish bad things to happen to you. You are more dangerous to this country than Islamofacism.

Keep showing your true leftist colors, you are creating more of us every day.

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