Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Hillary Clinton. the Dubai deal and the Panama Canal

Hillary Clinton has vowed to fight the sale of U.S. port management to Dubai.

While I agree that the deal must be stopped, Hillary's crocodile tears over this proposed deal are as phony as her marriage.

She raised no questions or objections when her husband's administration presided over the transfer of management of the Panama Canal to China (or to a Chinese "company" as those unfamiliar with communist countries might call it).

apparant reaction to transfer of Panama Canal to China

For those whose knowledge of the 1990's comes exclusively from the MSM/DNC, click on this link for a more detailed history of the Clinton/China relationship.

For those educated in public schools

update - former top level Democrats, including Madeleine Albright, have worked behind the scenes to promote the Dubai deal also. H/T American Thinker.

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