Monday, January 16, 2006

MSM/DNC Lie #1 of 2006

The New York Times, which posted the most outright lies during 2005 of any MSM/DNC outlet, is off to a fast start with the first lie of 2006. It seems that the Times has been caught posting a photo of a WWII artillery shell next to a damaged house in Pakistan, as proof that the Americans launched a missile at civilians.

first lie of the year

American Thinker comments at length. Did the Times know that the photo was staged? Did they care? They care now that they have been caught. "Without the internet and blogosphere, probably they would have gotten away with it."

As the fictional character from my previous post stated . . . . . "we can't be sure of anything we do . . . anything we see."

Click here for the list of lies of 2005 and the winning totals broken down by media outlet.

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