Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Weblog Awards - three more days.

There are three more days of voting for the Weblog Awards.

To repeat my previous posts, my favorites are as follows:

My other blog, Garet Garrett, is nominated in the Best of the Rest category.

I think I will achieve my goal of not finishing last. I currently stand as number 13. Numbers 14 and 15 are way behind. I am within three votes of catching number 12.

I endorse a number of other blogs in different categories:

Scrappleface is the best in the humor category. Scrappleface is more than simply a humor site. The Scrappleface posts reveal the MSM/DNC's actual positions/opinions stripped of their hypocrisy. It is that simple. If the MSM/DNC were honest about its goals and beliefs, MSM/DNC statements, arguments and news items would be indistinguishable from Scrappleface posts.

I endorse Right Wing Sparkle in the 1001 - 1750 category.

Please vote for Confederate Yankee in the 251-500 category.

In the Best Conservative Blog category, I support Debbie Schlussel. Debbie's posts provide valuable updates on how the U.S. government coddles and ignores those who pose domestic terror threats.

[Honorable mention to Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiller and LaShawn Barber in the same category.]

Samantha Burns is nominated as the Best Canadian Blog.

[I know I am including photos only of the girls, but can you blame me?]

And finally, please vote for Pamela at Atlas Shrugs for Best New Blog. She is as witty and insightful as she is uncompromising.

Vote for all of these blogs once a day through Thursday. And thanks to Kathleen, Debbie, Samantha and Pamela for giving my readers a reason to linger at my blog.

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