Monday, May 02, 2005

North Korean missiles

In response to North Korea launching missiles into the ocean, Hillary Clinton has rushed to take political advantage and flush her husband's administration down the memory hole. Michelle Malkin says almost everything I would say about this.

The only point I would add is to resurrect some history from the mid-1990's. Hillary now says the following:
"Put simply, they couldn't do that when George Bush became president, and now they can."

I think that is flat wrong. I recall North Korea launching missiles into the Sea of Japan in the mid-1990's. Check out this site for a detailed chronology, including references to numerous Bill Gertz articles. That site contains the following item:
31 August 1998

North Korea conducts the first flight test of its two-stage Taepodong-1 IRBM. The missile was fired from the Hwadaegun Missile Test Facility on the east coast, approximately 100km south of the port city of Ch'ongjin. The missile flew east across the Sea of Japan. The first stage separated 300km east of the launch site. The second stage continued over the main Japanese Island of Honshu, and impacted in the Pacific Ocean 330km east of the Japanese port city of Hachinohe, after flying approximately 1,380km.

Who was president in 1998? It wasn't George Bush.

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