Friday, March 07, 2008

Random thoughts on Hillary as a "monster"; Samantha Power;

A top Obama advisor has stated that Hillary Clinton is a "monster."

Samantha Power

(1) Billy Dale would probably agree.

(2) Where was Samantha Power when Hillary and her husband were selling nuclear secrets to the Chinese Communists? Why didn't Power and all of the Obama supporters who now feign outrage over photos of Obama in a muslim outfit say anything when the reputations of Bill's female victims were being ruined and cats were disappearing? I suppose it is OK with Power if one is a monster so long as the monster attacks someone else.

As I noted last year:
The Democratic establishment has known exactly what Hillary was all about for years. But they kept silent. In fact, they defended her and her husband and curried favor with her. They willingly made themselves into the drones that appear in this video. Only when she appears vulnerable do they turn against her.

(3) I noted during the Today Show coverage this morning that Power appeared with four other Obama "foreign policy advisors" at some panel discussion recently. Why does Obama need five foreign policy advisors? How many advisors does one need to advocate surrender? Surrender is easy. Just withdraw the troops from wherever Al Qaeda might be found. Rather than hire advisors, read the collected works of Neville Chamberlain and Jimmy Carter. I hereby volunteer to provide the same services to Obama that his current team of foreign policy advisors now provides - at less than half the price. As soon as Obama fires his current advisors and mails to me a check, I will tell him that surrender is the only option and we will both have what we want.

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