Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Winter of 2008; Potomac primary

I try to memorialize severe weather events so that we will not be at the mercy of Today Show teleprompters telling us (in 6 months) that 2008 was the "warmest winter on record."

I try also to tie in concurrent, unrelated events as memory aids, like major sporting events:
Without the Ice Bowl (or other event by which to remember a bitter winter), we would forget that a major cold spell occurred at that time. We would be left with only vague memories of winters past and MSM/DNC drumbeats about global warming. Each year's bitter weather would fade into the same memory hole as Bill Clinton's sale of nuclear weapon technology to China or Islamic terrorism.

Today, the "Potomac Primary" is taking place, in which voters in Virginia, Maryland and D.C. take part. Severe snow and cold weather is hampering voters' efforts to elect a candidate that will solve "global warming."

Click here for the National Weather Service advisory. Years from now, as we remember the election that put the first George Soros agent into the White House, we can remember the conditions in which voters went to the polls.

Meanwhile, schools are closed and roads are littered with cars from Illinois to Indiana to Kentucky to West Virginia and Ohio.

A record for cold has been set in northern Minnesota.

Madison, Wisconsin has seen its snowiest winter on record.

A winter storm warning has been posted in Pittsburgh and throughout Pennsylvania.

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