Monday, February 11, 2008

Winter of 2008; Freezing temperatures with more on the way

I post this information here just so I have a convenient place to look next year when the MSM/DNC calls the winter of 2008 the "warmest winter on record" in order to support some industry destroying environmentalist proposal from President Obama (or to pressure President McCain into crafting something equally draconian).

The map below depicts Pennsylvania temperatures this afternoon. The temperature was even colder this morning and overnight last night.

February 11, 2008 - WHTM TV

The temperatures are not much better around the country.

People have died in weather related accidents and are enduring bitter temperatures throughout the East and Midwest.

Detroit's "Winter Blast." - AP photo

There is nothing really earth shattering about these temperatures and conditions. These conditions recur every year, but we tend to forget the conditions we have endured when the MSM/DNC tells us, months later, that the Earth is about to boil over and drown us all in runoff from melting icebergs from the North Pole.


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