Thursday, February 07, 2008

We are so screwed.

Mitt Romney, as flawed a candidate as he has been, was the last best hope for the survival of the Republic. With his departure from the race, I am not quite ready to give up on the Republic. The final nail is not quite all of the way into the coffin.

Three things need to happen in order to save us from the destruction that a Presidential victory for the Clinton/Obama/McCain ticket would bring, all of which are unlikely:

(1) Mike Huckabee, as the last remaining viable alternative to McCain, will have to win the nomination, which is unlikely given the delegate count.

(2) Huckabee will then have to beat Hillary or Obama or both, which is unlikely given Huckabee's status as a weasel flip-flopper.

(3) Huckabee will then have to govern properly, also unlikely (see #2).

If any of these three things do not happen, get used to waiting in long lines to see government doctors. And get used to giving up all of the other luxuries and amenities that living in a free, prosperous nation has afforded us.

Because the stakes are so high, I am not yet ready to declare the Republic dead yet. Most of us are suffocating inside that coffin that is now being nailed shut. Once the Republic is dead, it is not coming back. More than 1800 years elapsed between the death of Rome's republic (@ 48 B.C.) and the birth of the American Republic (1776). I can not wait that long for the rebirth of freedom somewhere in the world.

So I am officially supporting Huckabee until such time as he either drops out or sells out to McCain. Like I said, we are sooooo screwed.

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