Monday, February 11, 2008

Representative Tom Lantos; Craig Livingstone

Reuters posted the story today of the death of California Democratic Representative Tom Lantos.

Deb Schlussel posts more detailed information and some interesting facts about Lantos and his career.

Lantos at the American Hungarian Federation

My first memory of Lantos is from 1996, when Lantos confronted the Clinton White House bar bouncer and security officer Craig Livingstone, who resigned after the Clinton White House was found to have illegally obtained and kept confidential FBI files on hundreds of Republican citizens. After Livingstone became the scapegoat for this scandal, Lantos remarked to Livingstone during hearings before Congress, "With an infinitely more distinguished public record than yours, Admiral Boorda committed suicide when he may have committed a minor mistake."

Livingstone (left) being grilled by Lantos and the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee

Congressman Lantos was 80.


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