Sunday, September 25, 2005

One year blogiversary

I made it. I lasted a full year without getting tired of blogging.

One year ago today I tried to leave a comment at the Belmont Club. I had to register with Blogger to leave a comment. In the process of registering, I received a message that told me that I now have my own blog. I thought about it for about 5 seconds and figured I could find something to say once in a while that someone else might read.

As I wrote earlier, I had originally started reading blogs because of Rathergate:
Perhaps most importantly, the blogosphere grew by leaps and bounds as a result of that scandal. While I had begun to follow certain blogs as the election campaign wore on last summer, Rathergate was the hook that reeled me in. My own blog began at the end of September, 2004, as I joined in the wave that carries us to the new media future.

While I can take no credit for the blogburst that brought down Rather and CBS, I do claim to be a child of Rathergate. I suspect that all of those political blogs whose archives go back only to September and October, 2004 were similarly Rathergate generated.

A blog can serve as a summary of the history of any period that the blog covers. The past year has been quite "historical".

I immediately identified "Cassandra" and gave a hint as to topics I would like to cover in this blog.

I followed up with links to election fraud scandals in Wisconsin
- a recurring theme on this and other blogs over the following weeks. We all have written too little about this subject in the past 10 months.

On September 27th, I wrote of threats to the electoral college and what those threats meant to the integrity of U.S. elections.

On October 4th, I wrote of Saddam Hussein's WMD's and Al Qaeda connections.

On October 5th, I wrote of the Democrats' use of campaign violence as a tactic. Now would be a good time to deal with this issue instead of waiting until the next election. Updates were provide on October 6th and October 7th, with parallels to ancient Rome included.

On October 8th, I commented on the ABC internal memo that counseled employees not to hold both sides in the election equally accountable.

On October 9th, I linked to a story of Islamic attempts to get in on the voter fraud racket and Islamic terrorist blueprints for various schools in the U.S.

On October 11th, I noted election violence in Washington State and elsewhere.

On October 12th, I linked to a story describing the Islamic fetish for beheading videos and the meaning of Kerry's positions on the war in the face of such an enemy.

Also - more Democrat inspired campaign violence, from Alaska to Washington to California.

October 13 - 25 Chechen terrorists may have entered the U.S. through Mexico.


Also - Voter fraud in Colorado and Pennsylvania - and the failure of government's price control/flu vaccine program.

And - an Ohio judge allows voters to vote at the wrong polling place.

October 16 - more flu vaccine rationing consequences and violence.

October 17 - voter fraud in Florida - absentee ballot irregularities.

October 18 - Chinese troops in Haiti.

And - the Ohio crack for votes program.

And - Iraqi WMD's in Syria?

October 19, 2004 - more voters than people in Philadelphia.

October 20 - Ohio vote fraud here and nationwide vote fraud here.

October 23 - More election violence.

Plus - election officials register a Somali terrorist in Ohio.

A link to the Stolen Honor video.

October 25 - The Final Week - I discuss voter fraud, terrorist attacks and the Democrats' October Surprise.

October 25 and 26. The Al Qaqaa phase of the October Surprise.

On October 27, I noted the Pennsylvania Governor's suppression of the military vote.

And - ABC holds back a terror warning.

Election fraud regarding illegal aliens in Wisconsin and victimization of senior citizens in Pennsylvania.

The Iraq-Russia-Syria connection.

October 28 - a strategy for combating fraud.

October 29 - A call for election day volunteers.

October 30 - Osama and the second half of the October Surprise.

And - Terrorists Support Kerry.

October 30 - John Kerry's letters to Wallace Carter.

Also - the final 2 1/2 days - a simple strategy.

November 1 - election eve.

November 2 - voter fraud in Philadelphia on election day.

November 3 - dodging the bullet.

November 4 - Arlen Specter's backstabbing. More on Specter on November 7.

November 9 - the next terror attack - crop dusters and propane cylinders.

November 10 - scorecard on Specter.

Also - I commented on how to be prepared for last minute false exit polls.

On November 11 - I made it onto one of the Commissar's maps.

November 12 - Arafat post-mortem.

November 13 - prosecute the fraudulent voters.

On November 18, I commented on the Islamicization of Europe prosecuting fraudulent voters a North Korean leadership mystery, and the growing Iranian threat.

On November 20, I began the Book-of-the-month recommendation (later to be called "Classics of Conservatism."

On November 23, I noted Hillary's attempt to triangulate the immigration issue. I note now that Republicans have done nothing to improve their position on this issue since that time.

On November 24, I commented on increasing Islamic influence in public schools.

Also - I summarized the case against the U.N.

On November 25, I posted the first of many posts about the Washington State fraudulent elections. This topic would take up much space for many bloggers over the next few months.

Also, a Democrat congresswoman admits that "the media certainly is not in our hands any longer."

On November 28, I noted a comparison between carousel voting in the U.S. and the Ukraine.

On December 3, I noted growing opposition to the UN.

On December 5, I commented on the leftists attempts to rig the blogger awards.

On December 6, I quoted several sources on the Intel bill sham.

Also - union opposition to anti-terror measures for schools.

December 8 - WMD's in Iraq.

On December 11, I noted the Netherlands Exodus.

On December 14, I finished in 8th place in the Weblog awards.

On December 17, I noted a connection between the secularization of Christmas and Islamic terror.

On December 26, I summarized the top election outrages of 2004.

On January 1, 2005, I tried to note blogosphere trends for the coming year.

On January 2, I commented on Wizbang's reference to the "Chamberpot defense." Also - my first use of "MSM/DNC".

On January 7, I commented on some good Rathergate summaries.

On January 10, I commented on the CBS "independant" panel report on Rathergate.

On January 14, I commented on the election fraud crisis in this country.

Also - I began the list of MSM lies of 2005. Work continues on that list.

January 24 - another Washington State election fraud post.

January 30 - waiting for the MSM spin on the Iraqi elections.

January 31 - MSM/DNC - a singular noun. I am gratified to see this term in use somewhat around the blogosphere over the past 8 months.

Also - concrete consequences from immigration.

February 2 - terrorists kidnap a G.I. Joe doll. G.I. Joe is rescued by the Ann Coulter doll.

Also - conservative talk radio has a deep bench.

February 3 - Social Security "privatization"?

February 12 - Easongate.

February 13 - the blogosphere needs to write more about economics.

February 14 - Watergate, Deep Throat and beating the dead horse.

February 15 - General Pershing's solution for terrorism.

February 16 - Ayn Rand, Garet Garrett and Absalom Weaver.

February 17 - my first of many posts on Terry Schiavo.

March 5 - The first of many quotes of the day. I have included a new quote every day since then.

March 6 - I quoted Nelson Ascher and the "Berlin Wall's Orphans".

On March 7, I noted AP's Sgrena lie.

On March 8, I noted the euphemism "failure to authenticate" as an MSM/DNC fig leaf for Rathergate.

March 9 - the first of many Axis Sally posts and comparisons to modern day leftists.

On March 10, I commented on Dan Rather's farewell appearance, and made the following comment:
LGF's post has encouraged me to create a more comprehensive post that categorizes the MSM/DNC tactics into several genres. I think this will help us understand what we face every day in the MSM/DNC and help further the new media revolution. If Rather's career is to serve any good purpose, it will be as fertilizer with which we can create a deeper understanding of the MSM/DNC machine that he so loyally served for almost five decades.
emphasis added

On March 17, I noted the push to adopt the Law of the Sea Treaty and its dangerous consequences.

On March 28, I noted Roger Ebert's efforts on behalf of a terrorist.

On April 1, we learned that Chris Matthews has no soul.

On April 2, 2005, I posted the categories of MSM/DNC bias. This post resulted in my first "Instalanche" a day later.

April 6 - I described some of the results of my "category" post.

April 8 - I noted a Peggy Noonan column summarizing John Paul II's greatest legacy.

April 10 - polls are meaningless.

April 18 - Time Magazine, Ann Coulter and Robert Ringer.

April 19 - I described the MSM/DNC attacks on Pope Benedict XVI.

On April 24, I exposed the historical fallacies about Joe McCarthy.

On May 2, I wrote one of my favorite posts on the leftist use of the "hagfish."

I also (sort of) defended the runaway bride.

And also don't forget the North Korean missiles and who was President when N. Korea acquired the technology.

On May 4, I mentioned the Dishonor Awards and MSM/DNC's home run strategy.

On May 7, I noted some movies related to Islam and history.

On May 12, I commented on the changing language, including use of the term "reinvent."

May 15 - the Newsweek - toiletgate story began.

May 20 - Encirclement from without - demoralization from within

On May 23, I commented on the filibuster cave-in. We don't yet know how much damage that deal will do.

On May 24, I noted John McCain's history of sellouts.

I also wrote about Patty Hearst and today's left.

On May 25th, I took note of a Debbie Schlussel column detailing Oprah's whitewashing of terrorists.

On May 27, I noted that Hillary got away with another campaign finance violation.

On May 28, I compared the Star Wars series with our own history of drifting toward empire.

On May 29, I celebrated France's vote against the EU constitution.

On May 30, I noted an ironic anniversary involving Joan of Arc.

On June 4, I noted the State Department's much ignored "Trafficing in Persons" report.

I also commented on a change in attitude since 9-11.

On June 9, I compared the blogosphere to a historical archeology mission.

On June 10, I wrote that we cannot survive another Clinton Presidency.

On June 11, I began the 90 day Rathergate anniversary countdown. Over the next three months, I would make the point, in various posts, as to why Rathergate was the defining moment for the modern mass media.

June 12 - Mark Steyn - the Chinese Century?

I also commented on Ed Klein's book, the Truth about Hillary.

One June 13, I posted the definitive article about the Clinton's China scandal.

June 14 - more thoughts on Ed Klein's book and why we don't need to defend the Clintons.

On June 15, I generated some heavy comments from the ESPN chat rooms as I repeated an e-mail from a WNBA ass't. coach to Debbie Schlussel.

On June 23, I tried to make sense out of the Supreme Court's Kelo decision.

I also praised Karl Rove for his comments on leftists and 9-11.

On June 26, I noted Peggy Noonan's reference to Hillary Clinton's Rosetta Stone.

On June 29, I commented on the Chinese military buildup.

On July 2, I presented a strategy for fighting the Supreme Court battle. That strategy applies even more today.

On July 4, I used Justice Janice Rogers Brown for the quote of the day for the first time.

On July 7th, I discussed the London attacks in terms of the immigration issue.

July 11 - the left's Supreme Court strategy.

On July 15, we saw a map of Islam in Africa.

July 18 - a sad anniversary.

Also - bomb the Kaaba stone?

On July 19, I speculated on the possibility of a Clement nomination here and here.

On July 20, I began to worry about Judge Roberts after previously expressing contentment.

On July 21, I wrote about moderate Muslims and Mecca.

On July 25, I noted Rick Santorum's new book.

On August 3, I noted an article that commented on the true meaning of Islam.

On August 6, I discussed the Hiroshima anniversary in a post that listed my other WWII anniversary posts also.

On August 7, I noted the anniversary of the 1998 embassy bombings.

On August 10, I took note of Democrat/election type math used to compute payments for hurricane victim funerals.

On August 13, I placed Jamie Gorelick's memo in the proper context.

On August 14, I wrote of my own roots with the blogosphere.

Also, I discussed the Gaza pullout in light of a 45 year old passage from the cold war.

I also commented on Able Danger.

August 16 - Open. War.

August 17 - The Chinese aircraft carrier Varyag

August 22 - USS Iowa shunned by San Francisco.

On August 30, I wrote of the freezing of Palestinian assets in the U.S.

- and looting.

September 1 - I wrote on looting and its significance in the context of the welfare state.

And I welcomed Sue Bob as my first ever guest blogger.

On September 3, Sue Bob wrote of Air America's encouragement to looters. [The New Orleans looters, not the thieves who robbed the orphans and diverted the funds to Air America.]

On September 6, Sue Bob commented on history and the need for context.

On September 8, I commented on Rathergate's anniversary.

I also linked to each of the Rathergate anniversary posts from the previous 90 days.

On September 11, I commented on the Islamist slanted memorial that was planned for the flight 93 heroes.

On September 18, I quoted from Thomas Sowell's thoughts on the Bork confirmation process in 1987.

I also recalled Bill Clinton's FEMA failure.

September 24 - Price controls cause shortages.

And - the future of New Orleans.

The past year has undoubtedly been good for the blogosphere. We should remember what we are capable of when we face the challenges of the future.

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