Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Rathergate anniversary - 37 days and counting - "State of the blogosphere".

Click here for earlier posts on the significance of the Rathergate countdown.

The latest "state of the blogosphere" report reveals tremendous grown (oops - "growth") in the blogosphere. The number of blogs appears to have doubled in the past 5 months. The growth since Rathergate has been even greater. The number of blogs doubled between Rathergate and (roughly) March of 2005. The number from March is expected to double again by the end of the summer.

David Silfry's blog is full of charts and graphs detailing this growth.

Michelle Malkin is skeptical, as she cites the large number of automated spamblogs and inactive blogs. She has a point, but there can be little question that blogs enjoy tremendous growth, while MSM/DNC media outlets are in decline. Chapter 5 of Hugh Hewitt's book, "Blog", provides more details of this decline and the growth and growth potential of blogs. Click here for information on one such outlet's decline.

And BTW, I would rather read an automated spamblog than the New York Times.


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