Thursday, August 04, 2005

Rathergate anniversary - 35 days and counting - 1754 blog

July was a watershed month for 1754 blog, as that blog reached 100,000 hits last month. The 1754 archives go back to November 2004. I find these blog milestone (or even blogiversary) stories interesting for what they can teach us about the growth in the blogosphere.

I asked the author what impact Rathergate had on his decision to create his blog. He said that he was blogging prior to Rathergate, but at a different blog than the one he uses now. He wrote that Rathergate had the effect of making him post more often, as the events changed so quickly that he had to quicken the pace just to keep up. There is more information at the comment exchange.

The need to post more often as a result of a Rathergate type scandal is something that I had not considered before. I have no pre-Rathergate experience with which to compare my current blogging. But I imagine that a real opportunity to influence events (such as Rathergate) can change not only the power of the blogosphere, but the way in which bloggers blog. Having and appreciating the ability to influence the news cycle can energize bloggers to use the new media to its fullest potential. I think it is fair to say that Rathergate not only increase blog and web traffic and participation, but it also increased the frequency of posting. I hope to learn more about this as we proceed to the Rathergate anniversary on September 8th.

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