Saturday, August 06, 2005

Rathergate anniversary - 33 days and counting - Arthur Chrenkoff

Arthur Chrenkoff is leaving the blogosphere due to the requirements of a new job. It is impossible for me to determine the exact influence of Rathergate on Chrenkoff's blog or his blog activities. Chrenkoff began bloggin 18 months ago and concentrated mostly on Iraq and Afghanistan. La Shawn Barber summarizes his blog this way and points out a good method for bloggers to build traffic:
I’m often asked what it takes to build a blog readership. My traffic numbers aren’t astronomical (yet), but I do know what draws in readers. One such method is to build an expertise in one or two subjects. Arthur had become the go-to blogger for news about Iraq and Afghanistan. In fact, his posts were so in-depth and informative, they were regularly published in the Opinion Journal.

. . . . .

Now that Arthur is leaving, the opportunity to fill the Iraq/Afghanistan news void is wide open. There are other bloggers, but none as big as Chrenkoff.

Chrenkoff did not discuss Rathergate very much, but it is safe to say that any blog that has enjoyed Chrenkoff's level of growth (in such a short time) benefitted from the credibility void that Rathergate and decades of MSM/DNC bias created.

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