Friday, August 12, 2005

Rathergate anniversary - 27 days and counting - Carolina Journal, Jon Ham, Stalin Radio

Jon Ham at Carolina Journal posts this article comparing today's TV networks to the old "Stalin radios" in the Soviet Union:
It was a simple box with speaker vents and a single knob, to adjust volume. There was no antenna and no receiver and you couldn’t turn it off, you could only turn it down. It was, basically, a speaker hard-wired into what once was Soviet propaganda central, and every apartment was required to have one.

This was Stalin-era pre-television mass media. It gave the Party line on all things, played Party-approved music only, and presented only Party-approved dramas and variety shows.

Does this device sound familiar? Is there any program on commercial TV today that is not PC and safe? When is the last time you witnessed a TV program that did not appear as if every line were approved in advance by the MSM/DNC?

Jon Ham was reminded of the Stalin radios when he read numerous Peter Jennings eulogists who "waxed nostalgic for the network monopoly, openly unsettled that it has given way to a raucous free market of media choices."

My only question is, how did the MSM/DNC manage to enforce such uniformity without hard wiring the TV's in our homes as were the Stalin radios?

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