Tuesday, August 16, 2005

MSM Lie # 40 - Another Gaza lie

News commentators on MSM/DNC have frequently referred to the Gaza pullout as returning land to Palestinians or giving land "back" to the Palestinians. As quoted by Debbie Schlussel, NBC's Martin Fletcher stated on Monday (August 15th) that Israel was "handing the land BACK to the Palestinians". Debbie heard this meme many other times over the past few days on MSM/DNC radio and TV.

As Martin Fletcher should know, Gaza was never Palestinian. Gaza was ruled by Egypt prior to the 1967 war. I include this item on the list because it was repeated more than once by various MSM/DNC outlets. It has long been part of the MSM/DNC playbook to provide undue "props" to the "Palestinian" cause by providing designations that are not merited. The very term "Palestinian" arose that way. The "Palestinians" are in fact Transjordanians who acquired this special designation as "Palestinians" by force of MSM/DNC repetition over the past generation. They are not a separate "people" any more than Washington D.C. is a state. They belong in and with Jordan. But the MSM/DNC treats them separately so they can be used as a handbag to swing at Israel and, ultimately, the United States.

The idea that Gaza is being given "back" to these "Palestinians" somehow imputes status and rights as a people that the "Palestinians" never enjoyed.

Click here for the entire list. See Debbie's post for a more detailed look at some of the Gaza lies.

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