Wednesday, August 03, 2005

MSM Lie #37 of 2005

The L.A. Times has labeled the Federalist Society as a "somewhat secretive" group. This statement does not reflect a mere disagreement with the Society's views. This statement is a lie. The group is not secretive at all.

I was a member of the Federalist Society in law school. I am probably still on their mailing list somewhere. The meetings were open to any student. Federal judges would come to our school and speak at our meetings. The speeches were attended by students and faculty from both the left and right. Federalist Society literature was posted prominently on the law school bulletin board.

This one is not even close. Check the list. The L.A. Times is running strong for the lead in printing the most lies of 2005.

H/T Patterico and Michelle Malkin.

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