Sunday, August 14, 2005

The Gaza Pullout; Dr. Fred Schwarz

As I hear the news reports regarding the Gaza pullout and read the various blog posts debating the pros and cons, I can't help but remember the words of Dr. Fred Schwarz, who wrote "You Can Trust the Communists" in 1960. [I really had to dig through the old boxes to find this one]:
The Communists believe they are at war with us. This conviction will never be changed in the slightest degree by any action of the Free World. If, tomorrow, the leaders of the Free Nations were to accede to every demand made by the Communist leaders, if they were to neutralize every Strategic Air Command base, if they were to grant the demands on Germany, if they were to neutralize Formosa, if they were to recognize Red China and admit it to the United Nations, if the United States were to withdraw every serviceman and weapon within the borders of continental United States, the Communists would merely believe they had won massive victories in the class war. A step towards our final conquest and destruction would have been taken. We must either recognize this and defend against it, or ignore it and be destroyed. We have no other choice.
pp. 5,6

For those who cannot connect the dots (e.g. those who rely on the MSM/DNC and the late night comedians for news), insert the word "Islamists" in place of "Communists" in the previous quote. Imagine, instead of the concessions listed by Schwarz, the following concessions:
- Pullout of all Western troops from all Muslim and Mideast countries;
- The demolition of all non-Muslim churches in those countries;
- Abandonment of Israel (a second diaspora) by all Israelis;
- Abandonment of all immigration restrictions by Western countries;
- Abandonment of all territorial claims on Kashmir by India;
- Russian pullout from Chechnya;
- Forced emigration of all Sudanese Christians;
- etc. etc.

Does any one who is not an MSM/DNC hack imagine that the Islamists would abandon their war of conquest if we followed the above list? Would Islamic immigration in the West cease? Would Islamists stop attempting to impose Shari'a law around the world? Would Islamists cease to regard us as infidels? Would Eurabia become a thing of the past instead of the nightmare of tomorrow? Would the Islamists stop persecuting Buddhists in southeast Asia or Christians in Africa?

Remember that Bill Clinton helped the Albanian muslims and their Al Qaeda allies reconquer Kosovo in 1999. Kosovo is a much bigger prize than Gaza by virtue of its geographical location near the gateway between the Mideast and Europe. How did Al Qaeda repay the West? Did they become peace loving? Did they negotiate? I think we all know the answer to that question.

The Gaza pullout will not make the Islamists in the mideast more peaceful or more willing to accept negotiated settlements. They are merely one step closer to victory. The only ones who do not know this fact are the Western leaders and those who rely on the MSM/DNC for news and commentary.

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