Friday, June 10, 2005

And speaking of the Chinese . . . . .

Someone should inform the authorities in Michigan [both state and federal] that the danger from China results from the Chinese military buildup [thanks to Bill Clinton], not from Chinese restaurants and their employees.

While we are at it, someone should tell the Michigan State Police that the terrorists in Michigan can be found at the local mosques, not cooking Moo Goo Gai Pan at Ho Lee Kow restaurant:
In the State of Michigan, with the most concentrated Islamic population outside the Middle East, you'd think illegal aliens and undocumented workers could be found at falafel joints all over the place. But what kind of restaurants do they raid? That's right -- Chinese restaurants. Michigan State Police raided 17 Chinese restaurants, looking for illegal and undocumented workers. It would be unfair to target Arabs and Muslims. But, at a time when Islamic terrorism is at an all time high, no problem raiding places like Ho Lee Kow and Give Me Chow. Political Incorrectness is okay, so long as it has nothing to do with the protected classes of radical Islam and fattoush consumers.

H/T Debbie Schlussel.

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